Nicolaes Saxburry, 1722

August 11th, 2009 by Barbara

1722 (year)

June 10.

Nicolaes, of Nicolaas and Merry Saxburry. Wit. Isack and Jannetie Lansingh.

Database Description:

Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany, New York, 1683-1809. The Holland Society of New York. (1904-1927).Between the years 1904 and 1927, in eight separate Year Books, The Holland Society of New York published the records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany, 1683-1809, consisting of exhaustive lists of marriages, baptisms, and members of the Dutch community in the vicinity of Albany. Established as early as 1642, this church was the center of one of the most prosperous communities in colonial America, and its members provided an important source both of migration and pioneer leadership throughout the entire period of westward expansion. Thousands upon thousands left their traces in these church records, and from them we are able to deduce a remarkable posterity.

With the approval of The Holland Society, these published records–heretofore quite scarce, as the Year Books were originally published in small quantities– have been consolidated and brought forth in a single, convenient volume, now readily available to the genealogist and librarian. Our publication includes an Introduction by Louis Duermyer, librarian of The Holland Society, and consists of eight continuous sections, or parts, each excerpted from a different volume of the Year Book of The Holland Society of New York. Each section is complete in itself for a designated period and is indexed according to an independent sequence of page numbers. Thus, there are eight sets of page numbers and eight indexes. This should not occasion much difficulty, however, as the sections succeed one another in chronological order.

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