Evert Saxbury, 1742, New York

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From a M. S. in the office of the Secretary of State.



Evert Wendell,
Luykas Gerritse Wyngaert,
Isaac Wendell,
Johannes Schuyler,
Anthony S. Van Schaick,
John De Peyster,
Myndert Schnyler,
Isaac Staats,
Jacob C. Ten Eyck,
Thomas Williams,
Joseph Gates,
Jacob Roseboom,
William Hogan,
Johannes Van Alen,
Cornelius Van Dyck,
Johannes Lansing,
Luykas Wyngaert,
Ryer Gerritse,
Johannes Van der Heyden,
Sybrant Van Schaick, Jr.
Sybrant Goose Van Schaick,
Gerrit Brat,
Antlesius Bogardus,
Stephen Rensselaer,
Ulderick Van Vranken,
Johannes Ten Broeck,
Anthony Koster,
Thomas Sharpe,
Philip Livingstone,
Johannes D. Forecst,
Volkert Douw, Jun.,
John Beasley,
Robert Lansing,
Edward Holland,
Edward Collins,
Luykas Hoogkerck,
Lambert Ratliff,
Garrit Van Sante,
Nicholas Van Woort,
Benja. Bogert,
Egbert Brat,
William Hilton,
Peter Ryckman,
Tobias Ryckman,
Harman Ryckman,
Garrit Van Benthusen,
Johannes Myndfirtse,
Isaac Bogert,
Petrus van den Bergh,
Johannes Gerr’se Lansing,
Egbert Egbertse,
William Hogan, Jun.,
Jillis P. Garius,
Dirk Hun,
Johannes Flensburgh,
Nicholas Yan S.chaick,

[Page 187]

Freeholders in Albany and Rensselaerswyck, 1742. 187
Johannes Marselis,
Jonathan Brooks,
Johannes Van Vechten, Jr.,
Johannes Wyngaert,
Nicholas Vandenbergh,
Andries Brat,
Joseph Van Sante,
Robert Barret, Jun.,
David Van Sante,
William Hilton, Jun.,
Abraham Van Derpool,
Johannes Seager,
Johannes Kidney,
Evert Saxbury,
Isaac Lansing,
Richard Hilton,
William Helling,
Jacobus Hilton,
Henderick Hallenbeeck,
John Heaton,
Johannes Radlif,
Jacobus Kidney,
Manas Carlan,
William Waldron,
John Savage,
Obadiah Cooper,
Isaac Fryer,
Johannes Van Sante,
Bernardus Brat,
Volkert Douw,
Roelif Kidney,
Thomas Wilkinson,
Jacobus Rallif,

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