Hon. and Mrs. Henry M. Foote Entertain Comrades of Civil War.

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Pennsylvania | Wellsboro | The Wellsboro Agitator | 1922-08-23, Page 1

A Reunion of Veterans
Hon. And Mrs. Henry M. Foote Entertain Comrades of Civil War.

Eight of the ten surviving members of Co. A. 187th Regiment, Pennsylvania volunteers, were entertained at dinner and an afternoon visit by Comrade and Mrs. Henry M. Foote, at their pleasant home on Central avenue, Wednesday last. There were present Lyman B. Potter, W. D. Kriner, Mm. Bliss, D. M. Wilson, Wesley Saxbury, Clifton Tipple and Henry M. Foote, all of Wellsboro, and Henry C. Root, of Topeka, Kansas. The two missing members of the company are Richard Henry and Leroy S. Butler.

Company A reported for duty in Harrisburg in February, 1864, more than 100 strong, and was mustered out at the same place in August, 1865. The large majority of them were under 18 years of age. The youngest present at the reunion was comrade Wilson, who was born November 18, 1848. The oldest was Lyman Potter, whose next birthday will be 80 years.

The company took part in the several months’ siege of Petersburg, Va., and worked with pick and shovel building Fort Hell under a continuous fire of shell and ball from the Confederate funs in our front. It was in the four days fighting at the Yellow Tavern and the capture of the Weldon railroad, and other engagements. It was miraculous the young boys of Co. A. many of whom were only sixteen years old, stood the camp life, the marches, and the murderous sieges of war. With uplifted hand these young boys swore they were eighteen years old. They stood the hardships as the older ones of the company did, and they made good soldiers, and none of them regretted the oath they swore to.

An interesting feature of the reunion came when dinner was served. It was eating bean soup and drinking coffee from tin cups, and the use of tin plates for other refreshments. The comrades likes the soup for they ate it for 365 days in the year when in the army. The comrades thanked Mr. and Mrs. Foote for furnishing bean soup for the first course. This wasn’t all, for the table was filled with other good things.

Dinner over, the comrades were seated on the porch, cigars were passed, and the comrades told many experiences of the soldier life. Among the many amusing stories was one told by Comrade Foote. His memory was good. He was addressing an audience one time, somewhere, years ago, when he thrilled the audience telling them the exploits of the 187th Regiment in the battles at Vicksburg and Gettysburg, in July, 1863. Fortunately, however, it wasn’t discovered until the meeting was over that both of those battles were fought the same day, and several hundred miles apart. What made the story the more extravagant was that the regiment at that time hadn’t been mustered into the service of the United States.

Comrade Foote resides in Washington during the fall and winter each year, where he is employed looking after the interests of several states for whom he is an attorney. In the summer he and the family occupy their Wellsboro home. It is pleasing to note that since he left the service of the United Stated as an assistant attorney general he has met with success in the practice of his profession.

The comrades of Co. A. were pleased to meet their old Kansas comrade and former Wellsboro boy, Henry C. Root. This reunion is the first one he ever attended of the boys of his company. He is spending the month of August in the old home town, and our people are glad to meet him. He has been living in Kansas over fifty years. He says this visit is the pleasantest to him, and he thanks his old friends and the new ones he made for this month of pleasure. Many of those he met he attended school with in his boyhood days. He will return to Kansas the last of the month.

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