Solomon Hendrickson b. 1785

December 16th, 2008 by Barbara

Information below provided by Jease E. Land dr., in 2000, and all ancestor relationships mentioned are to Jease and not myself.

The information below was obviously converted from another document type and contains a lot of symbols were thrown in replacing letters and words.  With this in mind, I am attempting to decipher what was written and/or enter the symbols in the hopes of figuring it out later, therefore mistakes/misspellings here and there are expected.

Solomon Hendrickson, a early resident of d’moine Twp. and my fourth great grandfather, recorded his last will and testament on March [or May] 8, 1854. In writing his will, Solomon stated that he was weak in body, but sound in mind, “lovingly bequethed to my wife Elitebeth, the farm and improvements, namely the NW section 25 North RW.” Although he had other grandchildren, he apparently had a favorite, David Scott, son of his daughter.

Scott was to receive a full heir’s portion of the estate.

Soloman also forgave all debts owed to him by his children. “..Be it is my will that all notes and accounts that I may hold at the time of my death against any of my heirs shall be given up to them se their share.”

Solamon was born in 1785 in Pennsylvania and died June 24, 1857. Upon inspection of his probate records, all of his heirs owed considerable amounts, his estate finally being settled in 1862. John Scott, his son-in-law, and Executor, listed his heirs and the following is a combination of these records, along with courthouse, census and cemetery records.

Solomon’s wife Elizabeth was born Jan. 10, 1785 in Virginia and died Oct. 23, 1865. They are buried at Scott Cemetery, the headstone reading “Hendrickson ………”

Solomon and Elizabeth’s children were: Mary, born Aug. 13, 1807 in Maryland, married John Scott, died May 20, 1873 in McDOnough Co. CS ~~L~a~a~ r Jane, born July 3, 1810 in Maryland, married William Toland (Sr.), died Feb. 8, 1873 in McDonough Co., David, my 3rd great grandfather, born May 28, 181~, in Ohio, married Hannah ____ in Ohio, died Jan. 19, 1865, in Pike Co., Ill. He is buried at Morey Cemetery. John, born in 1814 in Ohio, married Nancy Y. Prances, born July 11, 1817, in Ohio, [the following statement runs directly after the previous, though it does not make any sense to me at the moment] married Lamech D. Little Dec 12, I&CO in McDonough Co, and died July 25, 1851. Two of her children also died in July 1851. ~~`Amab, born June 14, 1820 in Ohio, married E~Zzd Ann Campbell, Nov. 24, 1&L2 in McDonough CO., died May 30, 1853.

– Robert M., born 18n in Ohio, married (T) Sevilla Am Hootsn, April 4, 1853. She died Dec 10, 1851 at the age of 21. (2) Luttia Myers, married Jan. 4, 1857. Luttia died Mar. 18, 1858 at the age of 19. (3) Sarah A Daniel, married Mar. 15, 1861.

— Catherine, born Apr. 30, 1824 in Ohio, died Oct. 30 1851, remained single.

~P Otis P., born Oct. 24, 1828 in Ohio, married Nancy Ann Hootsn May 29, 1851, died Oct. 24, 1886.

Many of Solomon and Elizabeth’s descendents are buried at Scott Cemetery.

My third great grandfather, David Hendrickson lived in Schuyler Co., ………. moved to Pike Co., Illinois. The children of David and Hannah Hendrickson were: John, born 1834 in Ohio, Nancy A. Sixbury [Saxbury], born in 1836 in Ohio, Solomon, born 1837 in Ill., Thomas J. and J_el~e~M, twin, born in 1810, Catherine, born 1847 in ~m~ and Elite Jam, my great great grandmother, born June 1850, in McDonough Co.

Eliza Jane married Abner W. Kenneday, son of Ruben and Prudence Kenneday, on July 28, 1867, in McDonough Co. Ruben and Prudence were early residents of Lamoine Twp. and were from North Carolina.

The only children known to us at this writing are Lola, born 1868, Nancy Jane (Jenny) born Oct. 1869 and Mary Belie born around 1885, who married Russell Blankenship. My great grandmother, Jenny Kenneday married Albert William Beghtol a son of William Beghtol and Elite Thurman Beghtol. William Beghtol’s parents were John and Nancy Beghtol of Schuyler Co.

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