Saxberry in South Carolina in 1730’s

December 17th, 2008 by Barbara

I have found other references to the Saxberry’s noted below referencing the same register, however I have not found this particular family in any other record types, nor any other Saxberry’s in the South Carolina area in this early time period.  While the record shows that Rachael and Sarah were children of John & Rachel Saxberry, it is not known if Richard and Mary were also their children, though they did die within weeks of their daughter Rachael. For the sake of record, I noted all surname entries that were also found in relation to the sureties noted with Rachael’s baptism record in the hopes of finding a blood relationship in the future.

While the records below do not indicate when John & Rachel Saxberry arrived in South Carolina or from where, it does indicate that they were there by April 1733 for Rachael’s baptism and were still there in March 1737 for Sarah’s burial.  If John & Rachel had no other children than those who died in infancy, this would explain no further Saxberry names in the area, however the register does make note of deaths later in the 1700’s and neither John or Rachel appear in death notations.  Other records to research would be tax, land and ship lists to search for any other mention of John or Rachel Saxberry. 

St. Helena’s Parish is an Episcopal Church that was established in 1724 and is still today an active Church.  From their website ( “The Commons House of Assembly, under the Lords Proprietors of Carolina, established St. Helena’s in 1712 as a colonial parish of the Church of England. The church was built in 1724 and is one of the oldest active churches in North America. Construction of the church building was delayed by the Yemassee Indian War of 1715. Built of brick, much of which originally was ship’s ballast, and smoothed over with stucco, the church has excellent exterior proportions and fine interior detail.”

From St. Helena’s Parish Register (Beaufort, South Carolina)

Saxberry, Rachael, Da. of John & Rachel, born July 3, 1732, bapt. Apl. 22, 1733 by Do. Jas. & Ann Watt & Eliz. Serjeant, sureties. Buried 17 of March, 1736.

Saxberry, Sarah, Da. of Do. born 1735, bapt. Dec. 10, 1735, by Do. Parents sureties. Buried 26 March, 1737.

Saxberry, Richard, Junr., Buried by Do. 7 June, 1736.

Saxberry, Mary, buried by Do. 23 March, 1736.

Saxby, Sarah, Spin, of pon pon, married James Reynolds, wid’r.

Serjeant, Elizabeth, Spin. Da. of Rowland & Elizabeth, born Jan. 15, 1725. Bapt. Feb. 13, 1725 by Standish, Rev. David Standish & Margaret Watt, sureties. Married by Jones Aug. 30, 1740 Hillersdon Wigg, Bach.

Serjeant, Rowland, of E[ngland], buried 25 March 1738.

Serjeant, Elizabeth, wid. to Rowland, married by Jones Dec. 11, 1739 Thomas Reeves, Bach.

Watt, Margaret, Wife to Lieut: James of the Indn’t. Comp. Buried by Do. 14 Sept, 1729.

Watt, Anne, Spin. Da. of Lieut: James & Margt. married by Do. Jan. 6, 1733, William Lyford, Wid’r.

Watt, James, Lieut: in Capt: Masseys Comp. Married by Do. June 1, 1734 Frances Cox, Widow, and buried 7 June 1734.

Reeves, Thomas, Bach., born in Kent, England. Married by Do. Dec. 11, 1739 Elizabeth Sarjeant, widow.

Reeves, Margt. Da. of Thomas & Elizabeth, bapt. Apl. 13, 1740 by Do. buried June 26, 1740.

Reeves, Elizabeth, Wife to Thomas, born 1700, buried by Do. May 4, 1740, age 40.

Wigg, Collo: Thomas, Sn. of Richard & Sarah, married Feb. 14, 1726 Mary Seymour, Spin, of Chas. Town.

Wigg, Do. Married 6 March, 1752, Anne Reeve, Wid. by Peasely.

Wigg, Catherine, Spin. Da. of Thomas & Mary, born Sept. 20, 1729 bapt. Nov. 14, 1729 by Jones in Charles Town. Married by Chiffelly of Purrysburg Apl: 22, 1750, William Hazzard, Bach. Buried 21 Jan: 1790.

Wigg, Richard, Sn. of Do. born Jan: 11, 1727 in Charles Town. Married by Lewis, July 4, 1757 Mary Galloway, Spin. Buried 12 March, 1758, aged 30 yrs.

Wigg, Elizabeth, Da. of Do. born Jan. 16, 1731, bapt. Jan: 17, 1731 by Jones. Born in Beaufort. Married Sept. 7, 1755 John Cattell, Bach.

Wigg, Sarah, Da. of Do. born March 16, 1733, bapt. May 27, 1735 by Jones, Born in Beaufort, married by Peasley, Apl: 14, 1754 John Grayson. Died 17 Oct: 1806, aged 73.

Wigg, Sarah, Spin, Da. of Richard & Anne, born July 21, 1735, married by Peasely Feb’t; 14, 1754, Robert Fairchild, Wid’r. Died 20 Sept. 1770, aged 34 yrs.

Wigg, Anne, Da. of Do. born Aug. 13, 1738, bapt. Dec. 2, 1738 by Jones, married Jan. 9, 1755, John Joiner, Wid’r.

Wigg, Mary, Da. of Do. born Aug. 20, 1740, bapt. Oct. 7, 1740 by Do. Married Aug. 27, 1755 Richard Stevens, Bach. by Peasley. Buried 16 July, 1763, aged 25.

Wigg, Anne, Wid. to Capt: Richard, married by St. John Sept. 12, 1749, Thomas Beswicke, Wid’t.

Wigg, Edward, Bach. Sn. of Richard & Sarah, born Nov. 27, 1715, married by Jones 22 Feb. 1738, Mary Hazzard, Spin. Died 1755. Went to — for to recover — but died in — after his arrival at that place. Buried –.

Wigg, Sarah, Da. of Edward & Mary, born Nov. 14, 1743, bapt. Dec. 18, 1743 by Jones.

Wigg, Eliza: Catherine, Da. of Do. born Oct. 18, 1745, bapt. by Whitfield. Buried 16 Dec. 1745.

Wigg, Willm. Hazzard, Sn. of Do. born Nov. 28, 1746, bapt. by Do.

Wigg, Mary, Da. of Do. born Nov. 28, 1746, bapt. by Do.

Wigg, Mary, Da. of Do. born Jan: 18, 1748, bapt. by St. John Jno. & Martha Barnwell, & Eliz. Wigg, sureites, buried 4 Aug. 1751.

Wigg, Anne, Da. or Do. born July 19, 151, bapt. Sept: 1, 1751 by Peasely, Hillers’d & Eliz: Wigg & Elenor Griffin, sureties. Married 6 Nov. 1771, Robert Porteous, Bach. Buried 22 Feb’y: 1791.

Wigg, Hillersdon, Bach. Sn. of Richard & Sarah, married by Jones Aug. 30, 1740, Eliz: Serjeant, Spin, buried 15 Oct. 1753.

Wigg, Sarah, Da. of Hillersdon & Eliz: born Nov. 13, 1742, bapt. Dec. 15, 1742 by Do.

Wigg, Edward, Sn. of Do. born June 5, 1745, bapt. Dec. 6, 1745 by Whitfield.

Wigg, Elizabeth, Da. of Do. born Jan. 14, 1750, bapt. Apl: 14, 1751 by Chiffelly.


The South Carolina Historical Magazine

By South Carolina Historical Society

Published by South Carolina Historical Society., 1922

Item notes: v.23-24 1922-1923

Original from the University of Michigan

Digitized May 10, 2006

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