Lewis James Peters m. Hertha J. Simeran, 1920, Michigan

April 20th, 2009 by Barbara

Groom name: Lewis James Peters
Groom race or color (on document):
Groom age: 21 years
Groom birth year: 1899
Groom birth place: Pennsylvania
Bride name: Hertha J. Simeran
Bride race or color (on document):
Bride age: 18 years
Bride birth year: 1902
Bride birth place: Minnesota
Marriage type:
Marriage date: 04 Jul 1920
Marriage place: Gladwin, Gladwin, Michigan
Father of groom name: Leland Peters
Mother of groom name: Anna Saxbury
Father of bride name: Mike Simeran
Mother of bride name: …roline Klann
Marital status:
Groom previous wife name:
Bride marital status:
Bride previous husband name:
Additional relatives:
Film number: 2342736
Frame number:
Digital GS number: 4209975
Image number: 616
Reference number: v 3 p 3 rn 27
Collection: Michigan Marriages 1868-1925

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