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Ezra Saxbury, d. 1852

Annual Report of the State Engineer and Surveyor, on the Railroad Statistics of the State of New York.

Transmitted to the Legislature, January 26, 1852.

C. Van Benthuysen, Printer to the Legislature,
No. 407 Broadway.

[Page 79-80]

Sept. 14, 1852. *M. B. Spillman, John E. Greek and Ezra Saxbury, passengers, and Thomas McElroy, brakeman, and James Cullen, oilman, were killed by a collision at Almond, between the accommodation train which was standing at the station and a freight train, which, through the gross carelessness of the engineman, ran into it. At the same time there were scalded, bruised, or injured, the persons of John McCarty, John Clancey, William Neckham, Jr., Mr. Allen, and ____ McCauley, passengers, and William P. Donnell, conductor. The engineman immediately ran off and has not since been heard of.

* These persons were injured through the carelessness or negligence of persons in the employ of the corporation, and such persons are not retained in the service of the corporation, excepting in one instance, in which the person in fault was restored, owing to some extraordinary circumstances, after having been dismissed on the occurence of the accident.

[Note: Almond is in Allegany County New York]

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